Spiderman: Homecoming

  (no spoilers) 15 years ago, I watched modern day Spiderman grace the big screen with actor Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker aka Spiderman. ¬†It was enjoyable and entertaining. ¬†The sequel was also a great entertaining piece with an excellent performance by Alfred Molina as “Doc Octopus”. ¬†With so much success behind the franchise, Sony […]

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All Eyez On Me

Been a fan of Tupac Shakur’s early music from his days when he started with Digital Underground. ¬†Use to come home from school and catch Hip Hop Friday with Andy Kawanami on local TV station KTSF Channel 26 (Window too the Worrrrrrllld) CMC [California Music Channel] from 3pm-5pm with favorite VJ’s Renel Lewis, Chuy Gomez. […]

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