Coffee Review: Starbucks Morning Joe

  Coffee: Starbucks Morning Joe (ground) First Impression Taste: Very neutral. ¬†Doesn’t have the kick like most of their other dark blends Brew Method Used: ¬†Aeropress with Stainless Filter Additional thoughts: ¬†Will try the aeropress paper filter to see if any changes in taste. ¬†Overall I wasn’t too impressed. ¬†It’s not great, but it’s not […]

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PIXAR: Motorama 2017

  Huge thanks to my friend Edwin for inviting me to the Pixar Motorama event for 2017. This falls on the same day as the Cars 3 theater debut. ¬†Upon arrival to Pixar, there were already many awesome cars staged across the campus. ¬†I was having too much fun and cramming my face with food […]

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Currently Drinking

Working on this bag of coffee in my Aeropress.  Starbucks Medium Roast Columbia.  As it says on the label, Balanced and Nutty.  Has a easy and clean finish.  I drink it straight. No strong after taste.  Highly recommended if you like a well balanced cup of coffee.

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