Star Wars: The Last Jedi [D23 BTS]

As expected, Disney released some more teasers with a behind the scenes look at Episode 8 The Last Jedi at their popular convention D23 going on this weekend.  And as expected, I am again excited.  To be honest, after the first teaser trailer for EP8 a few months ago, I didn’t feel the same excitement.  I usually religiously keep it on repeat for most of the day absorbing every second of it.  This time I didn’t feel it.

After the release of the BTS look, I felt that magic again.  That little choke in your throat and a slight tear of happiness.  Disney and Lucasfilm has done it again.  Whoever they hired to do the editing and cuts, and the music, give that man/women a raise.  It was just 2 minutes, but 2 minutes of awesomeness that refreshed my excitement for the franchise.

Here are a few clips that I want to highlight that really got my attention.  (All media is owned by Disney/Lucasfilm)

The Millenium Falcon, parked and Chewie by a campfire



What looks to be a resistance hanger with the X-Wing and a glimpse of an A-Wing



Glimpse of the updated armor on the First Order Stormtrooper.  Looks more sleek and aggressive than the TFA version



Captain Phasma…. need I say more



Phasma and the troops in action.  I love it.  The First Order troopers resemble more to the classic stormtroopers in this group shot to me.



A shot of many of Kylo’s helmet.  Possibly stunt and hero helmets?



Luke looking quite wise with an awesome backdrop behind him



And finally, Rey in the classic Jedi attack pose



December cannot come soon enough.  I’m wondering if Lucasfilm will release any more new footage such as a full trailer for San Diego Comic Con weekend in a few days.  I guess we shall see.




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