Spiderman: Homecoming



(no spoilers)

15 years ago, I watched modern day Spiderman grace the big screen with actor Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker aka Spiderman.  It was enjoyable and entertaining.  The sequel was also a great entertaining piece with an excellent performance by Alfred Molina as “Doc Octopus”.  With so much success behind the franchise, Sony released Spiderman 3 with announcement that VENOM (one of my favorite villians) gracing the screen.  All that excitement and momentum led to a huge disappointment.  If I remember correctly, some executives had disagreement with the script and pretty much led to what we know as a pretty bad movie.  The Spiderman movie franchise left a really bad aftertaste with me.  It was so bad, I didn’t even bother to give the reboot with Andrew Garfield a try.  While I heard the first movie did okay, the second followed the same failure.  Fast forward to present day.

After hearing about “another” Spiderman film in the works a few years ago, this time with a twist (Marvel Studios which is owned by Disney and currently kicking ass with the Marvel Cinematic Universe) has been given permission by Sony (who currently owns the license rights to Spiderman character) to take helm of this third cinematic adaptation.  I was quite excited to hear the news and possibly give the Spiderman franchise another chance.

The MCU did an awesome job.  It was fun to see Spidey make a cameo appearance in last years Captain America: Civil War.  This current Spiderman movie is like an Iron Man 3.75 or Captain America: Civil War 1.5.  We didn’t have to sit through another “origin” movie.  The MCU just pretty much set up the villian, our hero, and the problem in the first 20 minutes.  They can because they had 15 other movies beforehand set up this movie for them.  Thank goodness we didn’t have to see another Uncle Ben tragedy, or sit through another one of Aunt May’s life lessons.  The MCU made a fun and exciting movie out of a comic book character movie franchise that failed in the past decade and a half.  Spiderman is back, better than ever in movie form.  Thank you Sony for letting Marvel Studios make a Spiderman movie. Thank you Marvel Studios for not failing us a third time and adapting this opportunity to contribute to such an exciting movie cinematic universe.  And last but not least, thank you for casting Marisa Tomei as Aunt May.  I don’t know whether to feel awkward for thinking her character is a hottie…Aunt May in the comics was so old.

I highly recommend the movie.

And please Sony, don’t mess this re-reboot of the Spiderman franchise up.  Please.


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