All Eyez On Me

Been a fan of Tupac Shakur’s early music from his days when he started with Digital Underground.  Use to come home from school and catch Hip Hop Friday with Andy Kawanami on local TV station KTSF Channel 26 (Window too the Worrrrrrllld) CMC [California Music Channel] from 3pm-5pm with favorite VJ’s Renel Lewis, Chuy Gomez.

When I heard the biotopic movie came out featuring Tupac Shakur’s life I was actually quite excited.  Demetrius Shipp Jr. the actor that played Tupac had a very uncanny resemblance.  The studio did a really great job of casting the actors and keeping their resemblance and/or mannerisms on point. Great acting from all parties from the movie.

While the movie did cover all the major aspects from the highs and lows of Tupac Shakur’s life from his big break from Digital Underground to his signing with Death Row to his final last moments with Suge Knight in Vegas, it seemed to fall short as an enjoyable movie.  It seemed like they just took these major moments and recreated them in short bits for us to see while his career/life advanced.  It didn’t have the emotional impact or feeling of conflict that other biotopics successfully pulled off.  I followed through the movie only to see how it finished.  (Not the outcome but how they ended the movie).  It was like watching a live action Wikipedia entry of Tupac than a biotopic/documentary.

While I have my concerns and opinions about this movie, I still recommend seeing it if you’re a fan of Tupac Shakur or his music.  It wasn’t a blatant obvious reason to make money off a an untimely death of a very talented music artist.  It tried to pay tribute to his life and career.  The idea, the cast, the material was there.  It was just poorly executed.

Tupac Shakur /Demetrius Shipp Jr. via The Hollywood Reporter


Here are a few of my recommendations for some good biotopics that I have personally enjoyed based off our some of our favorite music artists for the 80s-90’s


Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story

Straight Outta Compton (NWA’s Story)

The New Edition Story




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