PIXAR: Motorama 2017





Huge thanks to my friend Edwin for inviting me to the Pixar Motorama event for 2017. This falls on the same day as the Cars 3 theater debut.  Upon arrival to Pixar, there were already many awesome cars staged across the campus.  I was having too much fun and cramming my face with food that I forgot to get coverage of some of the cars that were on display.  Here’s a few that caught my eye and lens.



Star Wars inspired indy car shaped like an Xwing


Koenigsegg Agera R

This vehicle from what I have researched was produced for a span of 3-4 years.  Only 18 were produced in the whole world.  So I guess seeing this in person is quite a rarity.  The car was parked with a bunch of other supercars, but I believe this would be referred to as a “hypercar”.  The materials and racing technology used to put one together is amazing.  From first glance, it looks just to be any other exotic car.


Upon closer inspection, it looks like everything is made of carbon.  Down to the wheels, and brake rotors.





Ford GT LM race car, amazing to see in person.


Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid. Such a beauty.



The Alpha Romeo Giulia


Porsche 911R.  Save the manuals!



I enjoyed the event a lot.  The food, people and atmosphere was amazing.  I hope to be able to attend future Motorama’s to see how it will evolve as I was told this is the biggest display of cars ever (I didn’t get the field pics with all the classics sorry).

Catch Pixar’s newest film CARS 3 in theaters now.






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