Back to the Future: Filming Locations Part 1

A few months ago, I was in the Southern California area to attend a friend’s wedding and had some time to kill.  I planned out some locations to visit from one of my favorite all time movies.  Back to the Future!

Keep in mind, most of these locations I visited are of private property.  I respected the owners by not violating or disturbing any property that is not public and their neighbors.  If you do plan a visit to these same locations, please do the same.

My first stop is to the McFly residence located minutes off the I5 Freeway outside of Valencia.


You cannot miss the house.  It still retains very much of the 80’s look and the it sits right in front of the trademark looking power line towers as seen in the movies.  I would assume if the owner of the house changed the look or modernized it, the value would actually drop.  My assumption of course.

This is the view of the street.  It is definitely portrayed wider on screen.  In reality, the street is very narrow and very quiet.  I couldn’t help but geek out.


Overall, I didn’t stay more than 5 minutes.  The neighborhood is very quiet and I did not want to disturb any of the residents as I’m sure they are sick of the traffic that goes by here daily.  This street in reality is pretty long.  Here is a video I composed together along with some familiar music and sounds to give you an idea…


so awesome!


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