Back to the Future II: Hoverboard Modification

I’ve always wanted a hoverboard since watching the movie in 1989.  I’ve tried replicating it as a kid with cardboard and fishing line to give it the hover illusion.  Failed miserably.  Fast forward to Comic Con 2012, I was near the Mattel booth when they announced Mattel members get first dibs on a replica licensed hoverboard.  It looked great! But not $200 great for a pink plastic board that didn’t really do much but make sounds from the soundbox.  Fast forward to 2014, Halloween costumes released a Universal Studios licensed replica.  Fair enough.  It looks to be the same base as the Mattel version they released 2 years prior minus a few details.  No sound box, no “hole” for the handlebars, and more importantly, no Mattel branding logos.  It was 1/4 the price of the Mattel version.

Thanks for my friend Edwin, he provided me some Mattel decals to add to the hoverboard to make it closer to the Mattel replica


I used screen caps to find the closest accurate placement on the hoverboard


It looks wayyyyy better in my opinion!


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