Trying Out Disneyland’s “Must Have”

Went for a short get away in the past weekend.  Beside’s my “go to” churros, I tried other “must have” food and desserts:

Disneyland/Downtown Disney Churro.  Must have.  I must have every time I go.  I tell all my friends that nothing compares.  Costco doesn’t even come close.  The thing about Disneyland churros is the crunch, the amount of cinnamon and sugar.  Just perfect.


Here’s another variation of the churro:

This was found at Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure.  I was told this use to be “churro bites” with dipping sauce.  I’m sad I missed out, now it is a full churro with caramel dipping sauce.

Verdict: GOOD!  I would of thought it would be wayyyyyy too sweet.  The caramel makes it all the better!  Must of been Disney Magic!


Next up…Churro Ice Cream Sandwich.  Where to find this?  Downtown Disney.  Verdict?  EXCELLENT!  The sandwich isn’t made for you.  The ice cream and Churros are presented separately.  My advice is to sit down and make and consume this under a shade.  The churro is nice and warm, the ice cream starts to melt once you start making the sandwich.  I made the mistake of walking to the Monorail while consuming this.  Ice cream was dripping down my hand as I tried to finish it before it became a bigger mess.


Next up, “Darth By Chocolate”  I am a huge Star Wars fan if you didn’t know already.  I had to try this. You can find this in Tomorrowland. At first I thought it was ice cream, I was very excited.  It is actually chocolate fudge cake on top of red velvet, covered with chocolate  and a chocolate Darth Vader with white chocolate lightsaber made to look like Darth Vader’s iconic weapon of choice.  Verdict?  Not bad.  I am not a big chocolate or cake fan, but this wasn’t too bad.  I had to share it with the company I was with.  Very sweet, very chocolaty. If you are a chocolate lover, this is for you.  The name really says it all…Darth by Chocolate


Next up:  Dole Whip.  This has been at Disneyland for a while.  Found right in front of the Adventureland entrance in front of the Enchanted Tiki Room right before the Indiana Jones ride.  On hot days…this is perfect and refreshing.  Get it, you won’t be disappointed.



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