From time to time I like to just hit up the local liquor store to see what craft beers are available. This one caught my eye as I usually gravitate towards ambers, browns, porters, and stouts. The name itself was interesting. It had PORTER written all over it, I was sold.

Presentation was very European (which it was). The beer is brewed and bottled in Poland.

zywiec porter1

After popping the bottle open, you can clearly smell the strong robust malty scent of the Porter. It has a very good aroma.

zywiec porter2

zywiec porter3

The taste is strong, the pour is thick. The aftertaste is your typical Porter. The kick is hard! This Porter has a 9% ABV. After a few sips, I was already feeling the kick. I can see pairing this beer with some BBQ. Something that gets messy, yet aggressive. Imagine eating this up with some BBQ Ribs or a great cut of steak. I’m not talking about backyard eats, but something aggressive from a steakhouse or the likes.

zywiec porter4

Presentation: 8/10 [nice simple details on the bottle. Label very European]

Pour: 8/10 [Very nice thick pour. Very aromatic]

Taste: 7/10 [Great robust malty Porter taste. Strong alcohol content]

Overall: 7.5/10

I would recommend trying if you like Porters. It’s a good beer that you can have 1-2 per sitting with good food. The 9% ABV makes a strong presence without you knowing. Overall, I would recommend it.


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