Owner: Ken

Car: 2006-11 Civic Si
Photos: iPhone 5 Camera

Ken’s Civic Si is another good balance between street and show. The FA5 Civic is fully converted to the CSX/JDM front end with a Mugen RR style front bumper. The front conversion consists of the headlight, fender, hood, and bumper change. Overall, it gives the car more personality and the look of the original design of the eighth generation Civic.


The car sits on 18 inch SSR Type F in matte black. It has a complete Mugen style lip spoiler kit for the sides and rear.


Ken’s rear has also been converted with a FD2 trunk lid that supports the original Japanese rear tail light design that differs from the Honda of America version. The rear is topped off with the FD2 CTR style spoiler.



The interior is kept simple with just a shift knob upgrade for better shifting feel, red tweed accents on the doors for the Type R look/feel.



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