Have you ever had crack in a biscuit? Well, not literally, but this is what I would imagine crack in a biscuit would be like. The rest of the world calls it a biscuit, I think we would call it a cookie. Arnott’s Tim Tam Biscuits. Crack.



As far as I know, the sister company that we know of as Pepperridge Farm has brought over this tasty and addictive Australian treat as Pepperidge Farms Tim Tam in 2008-09 exclusively to Target Stores. Since then it doesn’t look like they ever brought anymore over to our shores.

I am fortunate enough to have an awesome friend from Australia send me a pack straight from the source.


Let me remind you, this is a drug. An addictive one. If you ever have the opportunity to eat one of these delicious chocolate covered biscuits….take it. Trust me.

On my fatassing scale of 1-10. I rate this as a 10




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