A good friend recommended I try this particular confection all the way from New Zealand/Australia.  I don’t believe we have anything like this or similar in the USA.  Pascall Pineapple Lumps may sound weird at first (to American’s at least).  I always have the motto of “don’t knock it till you try it”.  At first glance, it looks like a chunk of chocolate.  When you bring it closer to your senses, you can actually kind of smell the pineapple sneaking through the layer of chocolate.

When you bite into it, it may take a little effort as the pineapple candy center is quite tacky like taffy.  You first get the senses of the chocolate taste.  A few seconds later, the taste of pineapple mixes with the chocolate.  ADDICTING!  Who would of known chocolate and pineapple would go together?  I couldn’t stop at one, I had to have more.  It’s not overly sweet and artificial like American candy.  It’s just a right mix of fruit flavor and chocolate.  I highly recommend trying this if you are able to get your hands on some.

On my fat assing scale of 1-10, I rate this as a:  9






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