Owner: Daniel Ho

Car: 2002-04 RSX (DC5)

Article/Photos: Collin L. (asiandoood)
Photos Shot with Iphone 5 Camera

Daniel’s RSX is a good balance of a daily driver and street show car. His build concept is quite simple and clean. The Zenki DC5 body is mated with the Kouki front and rear conversion with simple aero pieces that praise the already clean body lines of this Honda. Complimenting the simple color is a pair of OEM DC5 Type R badges which gives it just enough kick to catch your eye. Sitting on aggressive sizing Enkei RPF1 wheels and a simple air suspension kit, Daniel can make the RSX go from a worry less daily driver to a chassis scraping street show car within seconds. Be sure give a peek of his build at upcoming events and the Inspire USA Year 3 Event!

stanceformation 1

stanceformation 2

stanceformation 3

stanceformation 4

stanceformation 5

stanceformation 8



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