I’ve been getting a lot of requests and questions on how to strap the shoulder bridge straps. Here’s the method I used that is simple and accurate for 501st approval.

The 501st Legion requires this bridge to be a piece of cloth. Not elastic. If you watch the movie as well and look closely at the strapping, it should be “duck cloth” material or similar to canvas.


The method of strapping is referenced by many scouts before me. It is called the T-Strap method. It consists of many pieces of velcro and straps sewn together into a shape of a T. You’ll need to look at the pictures that follow to understand which side to sew the velcro pieces.


On the armor, I placed some white velcro on the outer bridge.


On the underside “inside” the armor, I placed some velcro between the inner bridge.


The T-strap will velcro onto the under side of the bridge of the 2 armor pieces facing outwards


You will then secure the two pieces of armor together, pull the T-strap and wrap over the outer velcro.


Loop over the outer velcro, under the bridge until the strap faces outward again


You will now have the strap hanging outwards with the velco pad that will attach to the shoulder bell armor piece


Velcro the shoulder piece on and you’re done!


Hopefully that’ll clear up the confusion on how to strap your shoulder bell armor while achieving a 501st approved and movie accurate strapping. Good luck and happy trooping!


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