I was graced with happiness with gifts of Kinder Surprise (Star Wars edition). Kinder Surprise is an egg made of chocolate with a surprise toy inside. From research these eggs originated/manufactured by an Italian company and is distributed in the UK as well as other European countries, Asia and, Australia.

This is the packaging of the 3 Egg set with the Star Wars Surprise inside


The eggs are made of milk chocolate. This package is made specifically for distribution in Australia.


These are the collectible Star Wars twistheads you can collect from the “surprise” toy inside each egg. It’s kind of like buying Kid Robot “blind boxes” only you can eat your way to the prize inside. A very awesome concept!


The Kinder Egg, wrapped in foil. Kinder Surprise is illegal in America as it seems like it doesn’t pass regulations for choking hazards. Ridiculous as if parents are not smart enough to keep these novelties away from their small children from choking.


The Kinder Egg consists of 2 milk chocolate halves fused lightly together.


Inside the egg is the “kinder surprise”. Kinder meaning “children” in German I believe. The surprise toy inside is held in a yolk colored plastic container.



The surprise capsule opens in half revealing the surprise inside! This particular one awarded me with the Sith Lord Count Dooku aka Darth Tyrannus.


I really like the concept of the Kinder Surprise. Even though these were made for younger children, there have been cult followings by adults and collectors of Kinder Toys. I can’t blame them when they know how to attract us Star Wars fans with these surprise toys. I really did get a little childish excitement when opening a Kinder Egg. It brings back the fun times of childhood. Hopefully America lifts the ban of these awesome chocolate eggs. It seemed to have failed as there was not much interest or demand to bring these surprises into the states a few years ago during a petition.



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