501st TROOP: 35th Anniv of Star Wars at Mill Valley Film Festival in Corte Madera – October 8, 2012

This event is the 35th anniversary event for Star Wars. It is playing as part of the official programming for the 35th anniversary for the Mill Valley Film Festival (MVFF). MVFF has had a long history with George Lucas and LucasFilm and is celebrating that history and the double anniversary.

The 501st and RL arrived in Corte Madera to find ample parking at the theater and a hotel suite for suiting up right next door. After changing, everyone walked to the theater to greet the crowds lining up for the theater to open. We interacted with the people in line as well as passing traffic that slowed down to have a look. We spread out throughout the theater to pose for photos with fans. A large green screen was set up by the movie screen for guests to have there pictures taken with us in various backgrounds.
After everybody had arrived in the theater, some members of the RL and 501st judged a costume contest and awarded prizes.

Our duties being completed, we walked back to the hotel and changed before returning to watch Episode IV from our reserved seats in the back row.
All in all it was a great troop and a wonderful opportunity to interact with Star Wars fans young and old.


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