I remember sometime back in 1983 a few weeks after my parents took me to see Return of the Jedi at the Coronet in San Francisco, I became the hugest fan of the Star Wars franchise.  My favorite character is and still is Darth Vader. All I wanted to be was Darth Vader.

My parents bought me those early 80’s vinyl costumes for Halloween.  It was a half mask of Darth Vader and a long vinyl suit that looked nothing like the character.  It didn’t matter to me, I was Darth Vader! (even though I couldn’t breathe through that mask and I smelled like fresh vinyl and squeaked everywhere I walked.)  I miss those cheesy costumes from the old days.

In 2007, I homemade a Darth Vader costume for Halloween for fun using the Darth Vader voice changer mask and some supplies from JoAnn’s fabrics.  It worked for Halloween but would never be approved for any 501st Legion.

In 2011 I finally had the time and money to actually build a 501st approved costume.  I chose to do the Scout Trooper as it was one of my favorite characters from the Star Wars.  The rest is history.

Im sure most of the 501st Legion attendees for Celebration VI have similar stories.  Here’s the final coverage of Celebration VI from my eyes.  The 501st Legion and friends at Celebration VI.

These following pics were all taken in the 501st Legion Room at Celebration VI. All the awesome buckets that are all fan made and used by the 501st Legion

My next build is found in one of these buckets

Lifesize Dewback with trooper! Mind blown!

Scout and Speeder!

Amongst the awesome armor, the 501st from all around the world also build awesome props!

I was fortunate enough to take a pic on the speeder bike!

A few of my friends in Season 4 Clone armor with Padme!

The Scout Trooper group pic







With an awesome AT-AT Driver

Some future members!

Our newest member to the GGG!

This scout seems to have lost some armor during the battle of Endor

Prepping for the huge 501st Group shot with troopers from all around the world!

The final shot!




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