Usually when I attend conventions, I have a set plan of what to do so I can cover most of the floor and exhibits.  At Celebration VI, I lost all control.  So many cool things to see I just went all over the place.  ALL OVER THE PLACE!  Geeking out hardcore never hurt so much, especially the feet after a long day of just endless roaming and having a wide eye face.  I wanted to see everything twice, or maybe three times!  There’s not enough hours in the show to do such, I wished they opened it for 4 days straight, 24/7.

Anyways, here’s what I organized in the 600+ pics I took of the Legos and custom Lego sets that were at CVI.  Enjoy!!!

These were official sets that were offered by LEGO themselves…

Xwing set, you can never go wrong with this, no matter how many variations they had

Classic Tie Fighter

AT-ST and driver

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for!

Jabba’s Palace!

I need to get a bunch of those Scouts and Speeder Bikes!!


These next sets are custom built LEGOs.  Pictures don’t do justice at all.  Some of them are huge scaled sets that took the entire convention week to build.

This was pretty cool, Stormtroopers building the sign

Motorized Snowspeeder flying around the ATAT

The Executor Star Destroyer

Huge scale!

Hoth battle scene!!!  with details!!!

Star Destroyer!

Battle on Naboo!

Death Star Trench Battle!

Mos Eisley!!!

Tatooine Pod Race!!! Motorized with a working Pod Racer!


Endor Bunker and Base!!


Mind is blown.  Stay tuned for part 3….. the 501st LEGION!






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