Words cannot describe the experience focused on a galaxy far, far away.  Celebration VI was held at Orlando, Florida this year. Celebration VI is a gathering for both hardcore and casual fans of all things STAR WARS!   Four days of fun filled activities, exhibits, celebrity signings, screenings and exclusive merchandise and activities.

My journey started the day before the show.  5.5 hour flight from San Francisco, California to Orlando, Florida.  When we arrived, the weather was 30 degrees warmer and 50% more humid. Time difference is about 3 hours ahead.  We were ready for what was in store the first day.

The convention passes were varied with characters, depending on day, and type of pass. I wished I had them all! My media pass is of Emperor Palpatine and my regular pass is of Yoda in celebration gear.

When our shuttle from the hotel arrived to the convention center, we were greeted with some awesome light/traffic posts decorated in R2-D2 gear!

The excitement and crowds were gathering.  We were handed lanyards for our passes and a program of the show.

The line queue was crazy.  The crowd was ready to go 2 hours before the show started.  Everyone was either in Star Wars related apparel or in costume. Families were decked out in everything Star Wars. Little kids were watching Clone Wars or the movies on their electronic devices.  Everyone was ready to celebrate our passion of Star Wars!

Once inside, we were greeted with life size prop replicas of some famous scenes from the Star Wars universe!  More of this will be seen in my later coverage with the 501st Legion!

Life size Snow Speeder built by the Belgium Garrison 501st Legion Prop Builders! (  They came all they way with almost 6-7 full sized props from the movies!

I had to get into the speeder and do our Maverick and Goose pose for the camera!

The E-Web Repeating Blaster with Snow Trooper!

Oh wait….


what is this?….




…its Roxy the Rancor!


…Stand back…I GOT THIS!!!


…that battle took a lot from me, I need to refresh and heal in the Bacta Tank


….stay tuned for PART 2!


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