It’s been about 8 months since I completed the Scout Armor and have trooped many events and conventions. My Scout Trooper armor has been approved as “basic” 501st approval. Ever since, I’ve always planned to update and upgrade the armor to make it as close as screen accurate Scout Troopers from Return of the Jedi. The 501st Legion appoints screen accurate Scout Troopers as “Lancer” spec. Thus meaning, the armor is as close as accurate as what is seen in the movie.

One of the first changes I’ve done is the snout piece on the Scout helmet. The helmet I have is fan made custom design by “KS”. The bucket itself is pretty close to the screen helmet except for a few minor details.

Here is a screen capture of a movie Scout Trooper

This is a picture of the prototype Scout Helmet made by EFX at Comic Con 2012.  Supposedly this bucket is cast from an original mold given by Lucasfilm.


Notice the detail on the snout piece with the aerator.
Here is my “KS” helmet with the fan made snout design.

As you can see, the details are very simple and not very screen accurate.  It is okay for 501st basic approval.  However, this is the first piece I will improve and update to make my costume/armor more accurate.

The first thing I did was remove the rubber cast piece from the snout.  It seems that “KS” uses a color sticker for the upper base as well as the black outline.  I had to pry this off without ripping or destroying the sticker below as I’ll need to trace the piece for the new vinyl that I’ll be using as the outline.

I also removed the decal so I can trace this piece for the new all black piece I will be cutting and replacing it with.

Here is the old snout piece that I’ll be keeping as a souvenir or paperweight.

The new snout piece next to the old snout piece for side by side comparison.  The new snout piece is offered by Moncal, a well known armorer/costume maker.  The new snout piece is made of casted resin which I’ll need to clean, prep and paint before attaching to the helmet.

After cutting the new black vinyl, I test overlay the new snout over the new outline.

I then applied the new vinyl to the helmet and overlay the snout piece to make sure everything is sitting correctly before making the permanent changes.

The new snout is painted with “battleship gray” and “black” acrylic paint


After applying about 3-4 generous coats of paint, it was ready to be applied to the helmet.  I used 3M industrial double sided tape to affix to the vinyl on the helmet.
Here is the final product


I tested the new modification at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend.  The new snout held up good and looks a lot better.  Next up, soft armor updates and details.



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