Mission Report
Event: May the 4th be with you LFL Event
Date: Friday 5/4/12
Event Time Frame:0800-1300
Venue: LFL Big Rock Ranch

Thaddius Davis – TB
Collin Lam – TB

I have cleared with our host at LFL to make sure that pictures can be taken at our visit at this event.  The event is for the May the Fourth (Star Wars Day) at Big Rock Ranch (Lucasfilm) in Marin County.

The day started at 5:30am for me, as I punched in the address to my Navigation system in my car.  According to the navi, the drive was about 1 hour away (assuming no traffic).  I didn’t want to risk being late to an event that is almost every Star Wars fanboy’s dream come true.

As noted on my navigation, I arrived way too early to the destination at 6:30am. The requested time for arrival is at 8:00am.  I went to the local Peet’s Coffee to grab some tea and croissant to kill some time before heading up the mountainous roads to the ranch.

At 7:15 I started my trek up the 2 lane road through Lucas Valley Ranch Road.  There was a Subaru and Mazda that was ahead of me that seemed to be going at it through the Touge’ish road.  I followed for some fun while keeping an eye on my navigation to be sure I didn’t miss my exit.  I’d have to say it was quite fun driving through this road, especially for employees that do this everyday before going to work.  The spirited drive/follow took me to 5858 Lucas Valley Ranch.  The Mazda and Subaru went through the security gates as if they were regulars.  I had to check in with the security guard. Apparently I arrived at the wrong location.  I actually overshot my destination which was 3838 Lucas Valley Ranch, Big Rock Ranch.  I was at Skywalker Ranch. Mr. George Lucas’s house and home of the original ILM/Skywalker Sound.  I made my way back down the hill to 3838.  I almost overshot it again in reverse as the gates were not easily seen.

As I arrived to the gate, I was greeted by James, the security on guard at the gate. We had to wait for our host to show up as there was a little mix up on the guest list.  As we waited, James entertained us with stories of his experience as security guard as well as tales of what he sees everyday in the hills of Lucas Valley.  He doesn’t see much but lots of nature and sun.

We finally arrived inside Big Rock and suited up at around 9:30am.

I was pretty much in zombie mode as I only got 3 hour sleep beforehand.  But I was so pumped up and excited to troop this event.

Our first destination was to the lobby of the ranch to greet the employees while they had their morning coffee.  We ran into Dave Filoni (supervising director of The Clone Wars) and a few of his staff chatting it up over some coffee before heading to work.

Our second destination was to the cafeteria where the staff/employees grabbed some breakfast before starting their day.

The staff was quite happy to see us as we greeted them at the entrance. After about 30 minutes, our host took us around the facility and we greeted most of the Clone Wars staff.  I was quite surprised that they were quite in awe to see us.  I’d figure they were surrounded by Star Wars all day that they were immune to 2 scout troopers.  I was wrong. They were as excited to see us as we were excited to see them!

With honorary member of the 501st Legion GGG Jon Farmer!

I’m actually not sure how this happened…

After about an hour meeting and greeting the staff, we took a water break

Thaddius enjoying the visit

Myself overly excited being here at Big Rock. Still hasn’t really kicked in

After our water break, we were making our way back out to the front near where we started.  We had to take a pic with the Yoda statue

We then were informed that we were done and began to suit down. There was a life size Rex statue next to our host’s desk. Both of us wanted to take a pic with it.




We were then escorted to the next room over where we were welcomed to a private screening of one episode of the Clone Wars in the screening room which looked like where Filoni and staff would be doing their notes and editing.

Afterwards, we were then given our lunch vouchers and headed over to the dining commons.

Both Thaddius and I enjoyed our lunch with the a great view and the staff around us.

To our surprise, Dave Filoni also made his way to the dining commons.  He picked up his food and sat at the table right next to us.  Both of us were starstrucked.  We asked for a picture and Dave gladly took one with us.  We told him we were the troopers that greeted him in the morning.  He then introduced us to the voice actor who voices Rex, Cody and all the clones in the show.  It was quite awesome hearing him talking to us as it was just like talking to a clone.  Unbelievable.

Dave thanked us for trooping at the Ranch, we thanked him for having us.  We then made our way back to our host and concluded our troop and visit. I really didn’t want to leave.  It was a sad moment for both Thaddius and I when we had to drive out of the gates.  I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to visit Big Rock Ranch and meet the awesome folks at Lucasfilm.  This is the most memorable May the Fourth for me to date.



  1. I have a friend that works at skywalker ranch! I wonder if he spotted you….I still need to pay him a visit >.<

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