Event: Star Wars Kinect Launch Party in Palo Alto for new store opening.
Date: Thursday 4/19/2012
Event Time Frame: 1600-1900
Venue: New Microsoft Store in Palo Alto

Thaddius Davis- TB
Daniel Owens- TB
Collin Lam- TB

Pictures by Microsoft Authorized Photographer

4/19/12 was the official Grand Opening day for the new Microsoft Store in Palo Alto at the Stanford Shopping Center.  The store requested the 501st to show up to help promote the grand opening as well as the newly released Star Wars Kinect bundle.  The crowd was huge. Jerry Rice, the Hall of Fame football star was also scheduled to make an appearance.  Earlier in the day, the store was giving away tickets to Saturday’s Maroon 5 performance in the parking lot.  Our troop was brief and short, but still fun.

Buckets off

Buckets ON!  Let’s dooooo this!


The crowd was great.  Lots of kids as usual.

I like how Microsoft gives their employees different colored shirts from the Microsoft color pallete

At the end of the troop, we suited down.  I had to go back inside to get a pic of Jerry Rice.  Even though I don’t follow football too much, he’s still an 80’s icon I grew up with in the sports industry


Until next troop!


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