Mission Report

Event Name: Star Wars Kinect Launch Party
Venue: Santa Clara Microsoft Retail Store
Date: Monday, April 2nd, 2012
Time: 9:00pm – 12:30am

GGG Attendees:
Ryan Hung – TK
Daniel Owens – TB
Nam Nguyen – TK
Sarah “Spug” Pugliaresi – IC
Collin Lam – TB
Thaddius M Davis – TB
Edward Karl – TK
Chris James w/ R2-D2

Pictures provided by TK2304 (Edward Karl)

4/2/2012 – 8:30 PM – 8 members of the GGG arrive to the Santa Clara Valley Fair Mall Microsoft Store for the Official Star Wars Kinect Midnight launch.  We got suited up in the back room ready to meet the crowd of kids and adults already waiting outside the store front for activities and giveaways.

Buckets on…ready to go!

9:00 PM The store was giving away a lot of prizes for Star Wars Trivia and activities for the kids.

One of the TK’s was curious……  “whats in the baggggggggg?????!!!!”

Awesome give aways!  Star Wars Kinect Games, $50 gift certificates and custom Star Wars Build a Bears!

Thanks to my awesome friends Linda and Stephanie for making it out and supporting the troops!

Here is Linda’s point of view when the doors opened! (via Vampy Bit Me Youtube Channel)

The store employees even got into costumes 😀

R2-D2 made an appearance, stole some of the show.  But he was still our prisoner


12:00 AM – It was time to release the Star Wars Kinect bundle.  All the troops lined up for the release

After the release, we all tried to check in to the Death Star via Facebook.  Unfortunately, all of us got the “blue screen of death” ….. lol.  (just kidding)

It was a very fun night/morning. Great to be trooping with a big group again.  Can’t wait for the next big trooping event!


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