Next up, original trilogy costumes. The Snowtrooper has always been my favorite. This will probably be my next armor project. Its either this or the Snow Commander. The Hoth battle scene has been and will always be my favorite battle in the Star Wars Universe.

Took extra detailed shots just in case I need reference

The Dark Lord of the Sith himself…. Darth Vader. This looks to be the ROTJ armor.

Vader’s helmet

I had to go to extents to get this shot.  Since the display was against the wall, I had to squeeze my arm behind the case to get a behind the mask shot.

Medic Droid

Medic Droid from Ep. 3

Communications from ESB on Hoth

Luke’s damaged hand from ROTJ

Annakin’s Prosthetic arm from ROTS

Tauntaun scale model

LoBot’s headpiece

Torture Droid from ANH

Grevious concept scale model

Assorted blasters and weapons from the Star Wars universe.



Stay tuned for the conclusion of this visit.













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