When I first heard about the Star Wars exhibit in Seattle for the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination, my jaw dropped. My busy schedule and high gas prices would not allow me to travel to make a visit at the time. However, I luckily heard that this exhibit was traveling to Santa Ana, California and has been on my mind since. Since Wondercon was going to be held in Anaheim this year, it was my chance to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. A win, win situation.

Still sorting through over 200 pictures for this exhibit as well as pictures from WonderCon. I’ve decided to break this coverage into multiple posts.

The Discovery Center in Santa Ana

The Star Wars exhibit is a side exhibition held inside the Discovery Center.

Once you walk in, you are welcomed with the familiar opening sequence of every Star Wars movie.

First thing I saw was a display case with 3 huge models. The Y-Wing from the original trilogy first seen in Episode 4: A New Hope

Another shot of the Y-Wing

A huge model of the Tantive IV from A New Hope.

This model is the original model used in the original movie. There was one thing to confirm this. Hardcore Star Wars fans will know that the original scale model has a chibi sized Star Wars Poster and a Playboy model pinup poster inside the bridge cockpit of the Tantive IV. The model makers of Industrial Light and Magic did this as an inside joke on purpose when building this awesome spaceship for the opening sequence.

Confirmed!!!! ORIGINAL

Next to this case was another case holding Luke’s X-Wing Fighter.  This scale model was about 6 feet wide/long

Highly detailed with Luke in the cockpit and R2D2

In the center of the first room is a huge scale detail model of the Millenium Falcon. There not much to say about this other than…… awe. The detail on this model is insane. It really disappoints me that today’s movies rely so much on computer generated graphics.  Epic movie props such as these are a rarity nowadays.  20 years from now, we won’t be seeing any props like these in exhibits on movies that are release in this current generation.

Excuse me while I pick up my jaw

Cockpit detail

Detailed shots.  The attention to every detail is insane

This is just the beginning of the exhibit, and I am still sorting through pictures.  Stay tuned as coverage continues with Star Destroyers, Landspeeders and TIE Fighters!






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