LEGOLAND California is expanding LEGO Star Wars Miniland and adding LEGO Star Wars Gallery…to get the word out, LEGOLAND made an appearance at Westfield Mall unveiling their life-size LEGO Darth Maul, plus several new three-foot tall LEGO models: Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Wicket and Han Solo. They were also doing Jedi trivia and giving away tickets to LEGOALND California Resort.

Event Name: Sneak Peek of LEGO Star Wars Miniland Models
Venue: Westfield San Francisco Centre
Venue address: 865 market Street – Level 4 Under The Dome, San Francisco, CA
Event Date: Saturday, March 10th, 2012
Event Time: 11:00am – 2:00pm
Event Website: … s/legoland

Matt Tolosa – TI
Heiko Dietze – TK
Collin Lam – TB
Nam Nguyen – TK

It was Saturday morning around 1030am on March 10th when I arrived into San Francisco city limits. I circled 5th street trying to get the valet parking to park my car, but they were never to be seen. I decided to park at 5th and Mission parking garage and lugged the armor over to the Westfield Shopping Center at 865 Market, San Francisco.  Entered through the Bloomingdale’s entrance and went straight to the mall to look for the dome where the event was to be held. Coming out of the department store, I already see a small crowd gathering around some life sized LEGO Star Wars figures.  I immediately find the contact in charge and asked where I can change into armor.

Upon entering the designated changing area, Matt, Heiko and a few rebel scums were already halfway armored up ready to troop.  We were greeted by a few of the LEGO Miniland staff members who totally geeked out when they saw all of us in our armor.

Surrounding us were the crates that the lifesized LEGO pieces were flew in on.

11:00 came and we marched out in armor. Jaws dropped and smiles beamed from the kids and their parents that were at the Lego displays.

The LEGO figures were awesome!

Lifesize Darth Maul made of LEGO!

That day I had to be nice to these furry teddy bears. For the kids of course. Tomorrow, our battle on Endor resumes!

Very cool!

I loved the looks on the kids faces. You can never get enough of it when they beam with a smile.

Adults were totally geeking out too

The crowd got pretty big around 12 noon time. We were taking pictures non stop with the kids and their parents. The next hour went by very fast as we had no breaks in between picture sessions.

KBLX, the quiet Storm……trooper?

Nam arrived around 12 pm in his TK, just in time for a group shot

…and then a shot with Darth Maul

2:00pm came and we had to wrap things up. It was a very short troop, but very fun. I can’t express how awesome it was to see the ear to ear smiles on the kids faces.

We took one last picture with the LegoLand staff before debriefing for the day.

….next stop WONDERCON 2012!

Thanks to Matt, Dale, Joey, and Celina for the pics!



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