Finally, after many years I have found and acquired my “grails”. The Air Jordan “Cement” IV’s. Ever since 1989 I’ve always wanted a pair of these sneakers. I worked hard to get these sneakers back then, but I was a little too late as the “White Cement” and “Black Cement” were already discontinued. I had to settle for the “Military Blue”. Years have past and little did I know that Nike did bring back the “White Cement IV” in 1999 with the original Nike Air logo and sole. When I did find out, it was already too late. Prices skyrocketed and most of these shoes have already started yellowing as well as all the counterfeits that were out there.

A few years ago, they released the AJF4 which was the closest thing to the retros. But it wasn’t the same. As soon as I heard late last year that the AJIV White Cements were releasing early 2012, I had to get my hands on these and complete my collection.

The Jordan brand actually brought back the old box design from 1989, with the Jumpman logo and the Flight logotype with the cement bottom half of the box.  A really nice homage to the original.

Packaging had black tissue.  I don’t remember the originals having this.  But then again, I never had the original Cements.

There are some notable differences in this retro version from the original.  It looks like the same mold as the CDP pack from a few years ago.  The netting is one piece unlike the original.  The air sole is a grey color instead of the beige color like the original.  And of course the sole and the rear piece now has the Jumpman logo instead of Nike Air.  The overall quality is what was expected in these recent retro editions.  Cheaper material, higher price.

Comparison of the 3 of 4 original colorways.  Military Blue (2006), Black Cement (CDP), and White Cement (2012).

Comparison of the boxes from OG (1989) and 2012 retro box.  Yup I kept the shoes and the box throughout all these years.  The only difference was the GS vs. the adult sizing.


Overall I am happy I finally came full circle and acquired my “grails”.  I have decided to take a break from the sneaker hobby.  It was a great run and I have more than enough sneakers I’ll ever need in a lifetime.  I got way too many expensive hobbies and interests and have decided that this one will be on hiatus until they decide to re-release my other “grail”…….The Air Jordan V “Grapes”.

Until then….




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