Last weekend I was excited to be invited with Tunerplayground to the 20th anniversary of Image Comics celebration and their one of a kind expo at the Oakland Convention Center in Oakland, California.

Ever since becoming a huge fan back in 1992 when Image Comics was founded, I was mesmerized with the art and the stories by 7 of the top Marvel Comic artists that partnered together to form this huge comics publishing company.  Since it was local, I could not have missed this awesome event.

If you are a long time convention junkie like me, you’ll notice that this expo was held at the old  Wondercon location.  It was like a blast from the past.  I felt like I stepped back 10 years when Wondercon was just a tiny intimate convention where you can meet guest artists, actors, and talent without the long ridiculous lines that we know that invade the Comic Con organizations today.

The layout was great. Each of the artists had their own little booth where you can walk up and share conversations, sketch and purchase prints.

I arrived a little late due to traffic but made it in time to meet and greet the founders that were at the show.

Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, and Marc Silvestri signing at the booth.

Whilce Protacio and Jim Valentino taking a short break

WETWORKS was one of my all time favorite titles from Image Comics and I am a huge fan of Whilce Protacios art. I had to get a picture with him 😀

Whilce Protacio signing my variant cover of TEAM 7 he drew back in 1992

Erik Larsen signing the program

Marc Silvestri of TOP COW signing my CyberForce issues.  CyberForce, Witchblade, and The Darkness were some of my all time favorite titles as well.

Todd McFarlane was also there signing with Rob Liefeld.  McFarlane’s SPAWN franchise basically put me into debt when I was younger.  I have most of his figures, comics and art. I only wish I can truck them over and have McFarlane sign them all.  I admired McFarlane’s humbleness and kindness.  He made sure to sign everyone’s comic book or memorabilia that was in line before taking off to a panel he was late for.

Of course, I had to get my SPAWN issue’s signed 😛

The fanboy in me had to. It was an honor to finally meet Todd McFarlane.

Overall the expo was a success for the die hard fans.  It was great to mingle with all the huge fans that were there to support an awesome comic publisher that occupied most of our pastimes new and old.  I enjoyed geeking out with fans that shared the same enthusiasm for the old titles we all grew up with.  I hope it was successful enough to encourage Image Comics to bring back this expo in the future. If so, hopefully the other Image greats such as Jim Lee, J Scott Campbell, Mike Turner, Jae Lee, Sam Keith, Travis Charest and others will make appearances.

Speaking of Scott Campbell, I ran into Roxanne “Roxy” Spaulding a.k.a. FREEFALL from Gen 13!!!  I quickly had to put on my GRUNGE face…

To see more of this FREEFALL of Gen 13 and some mind blowing cosplay, check out the lovely and awesome friend of mine’s page at VampyBitMe





One thought on “IMAGE COMIC EXPO 2012

  1. Wow! I never thought I’d see Liefeld and Mcfarlane side-by-side again. I have a pic from 1996 when I went to SDCC, and they were standing in the Sails area holding up a sign for the Image panel that year (I got to shake Todd’s hand!).

    Btw, Portacio’s variant covers like the Team 7 you have, were done in fall of 1994 (months before Image would unleash the craziness that was the Gen 13 variant covers).

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