Star Wars episode 1 3D arrived in theaters on February 10. Lucasfilm held 10 special screenings across the nation, one of them was local at the Bay Street AMC in Emeryville, California. AMC, FOX, and Lucasfilm held some awesome events at these selected theaters with some activities for the kids such as Darth Maul face painting, XBOX Kinect Star Wars demonstrations, free collectible Star Wars toys and picture opportunities with characters. The 501st Legion Golden Gate Garrison as well as the Rebel Legion Endor Base troops and rebels participated in this event.

Rebels and troopers in the “green room” getting ready. We were on our best behavior. No disintegration was involved.

I was the only TB (scout trooper) in this mission. We all got suited up and ready to deploy on our operation for the day.

On the elevator ride to the lobby floor, we captured a rebel scum. However, mission reports ordered that there were no disintegration involved. We had to let him go.

As the elevator doors opened, we were bombarded by younglings. All blasters were set to stun.

However, these younglings were innocent. They all were happy to see us show up. Some of them even came up to give us all hugs and “high fives” All of this was being documented by Lucasfilm.

The looks on their faces were priceless.

We then made our way to the Xbox Kinect demo area. The Xbox representative wanted one of us to demo the Star Wars game they had on display.

We showed everyone how it was done!

The AMC staff wanted a group pic of both legions afterwards.

We then ran into our boss. Or…I think it was our boss. We didn’t want to risk a Force Choke…so we opted for a photo opportunity.

A few others showed up after, Boss #2 showed up this time with mask on.

One of the younglings startled the group. Our reflexes set blasters on stun. However, we later found out it was the same youngling that startled us when we got off the elevator. He really wanted to be captured.

More younglings showed up for photo opportunities. These younglings are our future and can possibly future 501st troopers. Gotta train them young!

We then made our way to the door and greeted moviegoers while they came in. This was also a chance for us to cool off outside. It was getting quite toasty in our armor.

Outside, we were greeted by many visitors, and also ran into Mace Windu. No Jedi beheadings or disintegrations were allowed. All blasters were set to stun just in case.

When we came back into the lobby, we ran into Mr. Darth Maul himself.

We were ordered to greet moviegoers before and after the showing. The rebel scums were on their best behavior as well as we were.

After the mission was over, we all took a group pic with Darth Maul.

This was my first official troop with the 501st since my acceptance in December. I’d have to say it was awesome trooping with my fellow 501st and the Endor Base Rebels. I can’t wait for the next event. It was definitely great times and memorable especially seeing the new generation of kids geeking out as we did growing up watching these movies when were were their age.

Special thanks to Joey, Celina, Carey, Bertina, John, Czarina, Matt, Dave, 501st Legion GGG, and Rebel Legion EB for the pictures and awesome times.



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