I was in Southern California for the weekend and decided to test out the new armor at Long Beach’s Comic Con. The venue was pretty awesome as I got to meet many of my favorite artists and was not bombarded with lines and crowd. It was perfect to give the armor a test run to make sure I didn’t need to modify or fix anything before attending a much larger show/venue in the future.

Before we even got inside, we ran into the this guy. I plan to build the Snowtrooper armor as my next.

Our friend Angela joining in

Lady Punisher Linda looking to kick some ass across the galaxy

Lady Punisher running into a Cobra Viper. Badassssss

Finally arrived at the entrance of LBCC!!

Once we got inside, I ran into Princess Leia in Boushh disguise! Such a badass costume! Even the visor was working!

Lady Punisher and I ran into Doctor Doom!

I then ran into this cute little creature

Miss Punisher and I wanted some refreshments and found this Astrodroid roaming around

I then ran into my boss in the corner. He was signing autographs and needed my back. I can’t say no, he is my boss. And he’d choke me if I didn’t comply

It’s not everyday you get to see your boss, the Sith Lord. It’s like running into the President. I needed a picture with him

Miss Punisher also wanted the photo op with the mighty Sith Lord

We then ran into a Lone Mandalorian.

I also saw a few of my brothers and sisters. One of them took the Shadow Ops job recently

Darth Maul and Assaj also made an appearance

Shortly after, I found Aayla Secura looking for Maul and Ventress

Meanwhile, Miss Punisher ran into a few celebs!

J. Scott Cambell!!!

Punisher….and ….Punisher???!!!

We then ran into Goku!

…and Master Yoda!

Before leaving to consume mass quantities, Miss Punisher and I wanted a photo op. I think we make a great team. Great choice in colors too ^_^

After a long day of trooping, food was in order.

Overall, LBCC was an awesome convention. Definitely another to put on my list to revisit in the future. Not much was needed to be modified on my armor. Just a few minor tweaks and I’m ready to troop again!

Special thanks to Angela for taking such awesome pics! Scout troopers were prone to run into trees on their speeder bikes, so taking pictures in cons while in armor isn’t in their expertise either.


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