It has been a while since I’ve updated this project.  My armor has finally arrived after 6 months with the commissioned armor maker.  The armor arrived in about 18 pieces.  All which needs to be assembled together.

First piece I worked on was the rear tank and rear armor assembly.

To get the tank to sit more flush and not have any play at the top, I used industrial double sided tape on the top of the tank to space and adhere the assembly together. The bottom is fastened by an allen bolt and wing nut.

Rear armor assembly is now finished. I will get back to this piece when we start strapping the front chest armor.

Next piece on deck is the belt armor assembly. The kit came with all the strapping and details I needed. I first had to measure out the strap to the belt armor. By using rivets, I attached one rivet to each outer end of the belt armor.

Before riveting, I used a poke to detail the hole in the strap for easy riveting.

Once everthing is set the rivet goes in place and gets popped by the riveting tool. Now it sits securely.

Here is a pic of the rivet from behind the belt.

Stay tuned for part 2. Scout belt drop box assembly and final belt assembly details.


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