September 16th was the release of the complete Star Wars Saga on Blu Ray. Exciting it was as it seems like Lucasfilm has spent a lot of resources on marketing this Blu Ray set. From Major League Baseball Star Wars Day/Games to eBay, we were bombarded with Star Wars everywhere.

I spent most of the weekend watching the prequels and the special features included in this set. There are many reviews and opinions out there already. I’ll just be giving my opinion as a lifelong fan of this franchise.

Let’s start with the packaging. The discs are housed in a box like set.

The cover art is on the boring side. Lucasfilm decided to use artwork that featured young Annakin Skywalker and a faded ghostly Luke Skywalker imposed on the sands of Tatooine. I can honestly say the previous VHS and DVD releases were much better to represent the saga. (you can never go wrong with DARTH VADER…hint hint). Check my previous blog post Geeking Out with Star Wars for previous box art.

The outer box is actually a sleeve to a booklike case for the discs.

Inside houses 9 blu-ray discs. Pretty cool concept. My opinion, the art inside could have been a little better done. I personally would of used concept art from Ralph McQuarrie and Doug Chiang. It would of gave more meaning to the art and please the fans.

Each page was like a chapter of the saga. Good concept. Again, if we saw Chiang and McQuarrie’s art, it would of been bad ass.

Overall, the packaging was satisfactory. I did like the book and the “chapters” concept of it. Something new from the usual DVD/Blu-Ray cases. I was more focused on the content inside.

I did get to screen all the prequels and the special features. Features were on 3 discs. Seperated by the first trilogy, second trilogy and documentaries. The prequel features were satisfactory. The previous DVD releases had more to watch than this release. The archives with video commentary is quite entertaining however. Deleted and extra scenes were minimal. The original release features were a lot more exciting. They did include more archives that were never seen before after 30 years. The archives were also quite exciting to see. Although I did wish they included more.

The documentaries included was okay. Not as great as the DVD releases. Most of the content was covered by previous DVD releases. They threw in some 1977 and 1978-80 content that aired on television at the time. It was cool to watch, but nothing that was too exciting. Empire of Dreams documentary on the DVD release set the bar and should of been something to go off of.

I am no expert on hi-def transfers or video, but watching these films on blu-ray definitely made a huge difference. Especially the original trilogy. Despite the unneeded new sound/content the original trilogy looks beautiful. If anything, this alone made the set worth getting.

Overall, if you are a Star Wars fan, you’ll enjoy everything in this boxed set as I have. Is it worth the price tag? Maybe. Just seeing the extra/deleted scenes and hi def transfers from the original trilogy was worth it for me. I am a sucker for Star Wars. I know I’ll be purchasing whatever Lucas releases in the future knowing it’s the same movie over and over.


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