I’d have to say this past Labor Day weekend was one of my best in a while. Got to hang out with great friends Friday and Saturday, a GIANTS x STARWARS day at ATT Park on Sunday with family and a super lazy Monday!

Once we heard about the Star Wars Day at ATT park back in May, my cousin quickly snatched a set of tickets 5 months before this game. How can we not go to this game and call ourselves Giants and Star Wars fans?

We arrived at the game around the middle of the 1st inning. Traffic was quite hectic getting to SF on the holiday weekend. Immediately, my cousin was stopped by camera crews.

We walked around the park to grab our special Star Wars give away. By the time we sat down on our seats, it was close to the 3rd inning. Couldn’t help seeing the Star Wars section filled with awesome fans. Chewbacca!

Our view:

In between innings, Star Wars fans were featured on the big screen with their outrageous and awesome costumes

The camera man followed us!

If anyone has recorded television footage of us, please let me know! It would of looked something like this!

The Giants blew the game in the late innings, but this made up for it big time. I’d say the best one out of the whole saga!

We had to secure out seats for the showing. So did Darth Maul in the background


The screening was awesome. Fans were awesome. It was too fun.

So many were wondering what the give away was. Well let me say it was pretty freaking bad ass as well!

That’s right! A 3 sided Carbonite souvenir! Han Solo, Brian Wilson, SF Giants in Carbonite!

It was so bad ass, Chibi Chewbacca asked me to take a pic of him with the Carbonite

After the game, my cousin had to show me his Star Wars x Adidas collection. (with a few sips of some good whiskey).

A great way to end a freaking awesome day!




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