PAX 2011 DAY 2 & 3

Hung out most of the time in Day 2. A lot of cosplayers came out with some pretty good and funny costumes. Here are a few that I was able to snap

Marine from Aliens with full gear

Zombies from Plants vs. Zombies

Stormtroopers promoting the new Star Wars Old Republic game

Behemoth booth banner. Castle Crashers!

BlazeBlue LFL cosplayer

So we made our way back into the hall to go find Rochelle, my friend who is a FragDoll Cadette. She was helping out at the Just Dance booth. We ran into a performance with Capcom character cosplayers and Tifa on stage dancing!

Here’s where it gets funny.

Backstory. I use to play a lot of Call of Duty on Xbox 360. Ever since I got my console back in 2007, I’ve been playing very competitively with great friends and friends online. A few of them were in the PMS Clan (Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers), an all female group of gamers. I’ve been playing Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty World at War, Gears of War, Halo3, Rainbow Six Vegas and a few other FPS games with the PMS Clan. One of my great friends on PMS is PMS Ayane Chan. A group of us would play into the wee hours at night. We would always talk smack in friendly competitions. We kind of lost touch with each other as a lot of us had taken on long hour jobs or school that hindered us from playing as much as we use to.

At the Just Dance booth, I heard a voice behind me asking that we should get on stage to dance. Suddenly that voice just hit me as it sounded like somebody that I would hear on the mic on Xbox Live. Turned around and found out that it was Amber, aka PMS Ayane Chan, a new Frag Doll Cadette member! I finally got to put a face to a voice that I’ve been gaming with for many years. It was quite hilarious to see both our faces when we realized who we both were by our gamer tags.

At the same time, I was geeking out as C3PO and R2D2 showed up and started dancing as well!

Here is an awesome vid of them dancing right in front of me

If C3PO and R2D2 danced, I had get on stage as well

Had to catch my breath after the dance session. Caught a few Imperial troopers outside catching some fresh air as well

On the way back in, I ran into Quorra. She said she had a special surprise for me as I had my Flynn shirt on. Little did I know she was going to derezz me.

Another shot of C3PO




Buzz Lightyear!

On Sunday, we got to hang out for a short time before most of us had to catch a flight back home. Before then, I got to see my friend’s awesome cosplay that she has been working day and night on for PAX. Follow her on twitter @denisekuan She has awesome cosplays and a pretty awesome blog on how she builds them!


Overall, PAX weekend was too short. Had way too much fun and didn’t want it to end. Seattle is such an awesome city. Clean, friendly and lots of places to eat. My first experience at PAX and definitely not my last. Sad to leave the city, but will be back soon hopefully!


2 thoughts on “PAX 2011 DAY 2 & 3

  1. Hiya! I am the girl who cosplayed Quorra. It was nice to pose with ya!

    Would you might sending me the high reso of that picture, perferablly with out the water mark across the middle? 😉 i would love to post is on my blog as well 😉 thanks!

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