PAX 2011 DAY 1: PART 2

Angelo is fine by the way. Big Daddy was just giving him a tickle. We had to drop Juri off to a street fight in the afternoon. Angelo and I decided to hit up HALOFEST. Although I am not a big fan of the Halo franchise, I’d have to say that they did a damn good job to please their fans at this exhibit/panel.

HaloFest was 3 stories up in the same building. Looks like they spared no expense putting this up.

First thing we see after entering, the Warthog, with working instruments

They had a few of these life size statues all over the exhibit

They also had some very nice diorama scaled models. The details on these were freaking amazing

Another awesome one!!!

Halo Reach Sniper

Gaming area!

Some old box sets and collectibles through out the Halo franchise years

A few figures made by PlayArts. I might even consider picking some of these up just for the awesomeness!

Another bad ass statue

I turned around and saw this! …

Oh nooooooeeeesssss….Stay tuned for more coverage in part 3!!!



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