PAX 2011 DAY 1: PART 1

My friends have been telling me about PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) and how awesome this convention is. I lucked out and have found a 3 day pass to PAX this year thanks to my good friends Angelo and Rochelle whom were PAX veterans. I booked my flight and hotel stay to Seattle 3 weeks before at the Sheraton which was literally right across the street from the convention center. Lucked out again!!! I’ve never been to Seattle before, and from what friends have told me from their experiences was that it gets cold and overcast a lot. However PAX weekend was straight 80 degrees tshirt weather day and night! LUCKED OUT x 3!!!

I started Friday at 430am to catch a flight to Seattle at 645am. Arrived at SEATAC airport around 830am. Angelo told me about the light rail that I can take straight from airport to downtown Seattle for just under 3 bucks. SOLD.

The station was just 2 short blocks from the hotel. SCORE!!! Checked in, picked up Angelo and walked across the street to get my nerd on for Day 1


I was impressed with how clean Seattle was and the awesome architecture of the convention center

I don’t know how to explain this one, but Angelo and I had to take a pic in this. Angelo’s facial hair adds to the character we are portraying hahahahah

After the silly pic, I was soaking in all the awesome displays and booths PAX had to offer

Just Dance booth. More on this later!

TRON inspired PC case and setup? If it ran MAC OS… Can I has???

oh what? STAR WARS inspired tower? Can I has too?


Little Big Planet 😀

Spotted a Tie Fighter Pilot on the way

and an awesome sculpture from Gears of War

We walked out to the lobby area to find this! Juri from Street Fighter was going to open a can of whoop ass on camera boy!

The beating was too brutal for pictures. Juri then told me she was hungry. We found her something to eats

After devouring her meal, she felt like playing some Castle Crashers!

During Castle Crashers, we got a phone call that somebody wanted to meet us upstairs

yup, Ms. Chun Li herself with Juri

Chun Li and Juri was just too awesome, Angelo didn’t see Big Daddy coming in for the kill


Stay tuned for part 2!!!



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