There were many exclusive toys and collectibles at SDCC that sold out fast and required long lines to purchase. I gave up on those as I had no room to transport them back as well as funds to purchase all them. However, I did pick up one collectible that drew my attention from the first time I saw it. It did not sell out like the other SDCC exclusives. This figure was sold at the Mattel booth and was considered an “early” release. The official release date is August 1st at which was Mattel’s online store for collectible figures. This figure known as: Blazing Sword Voltron was the perfect size and price for something to have and carry back.

The figure is packaged in 2 boxes. The outer box is just a plain white box with the logo and information.

The package out of the box

Side views:

Rear of package

Top of package

Through the display window. Pretty awesome as it is posed in front of a backdrop of the Castle of Lions

Notice the package has a small little button that you can press

How awesome is this!!!

Mattel booth also provided the special stand as well in a different package for free

It literally took me 20 minutes to unpack this figure without tearing the packaging to shreds. Mattel did a great job on making sure this thing was sealed and tight in its box.

Out of the box. The figure is fully poseable and awesome. You can mimic many poses from the animation

Forming the Blazing Sword!!!

Using the provided stand to do a classic Voltron pose

Here is a comparison with the old 1984 Voltron toy that I had done a review on. You can find that post here at DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE.

Although the figure did not separate into 5 lions nor had super extensive detail, the poseability and awesomeness of this nostalgic icon is worth the $30 price tag. The figure is already sold out at last time I checked. Hopefully they restock so you can get your hands on this pretty awesome figure from our childhood.


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