After partying it up late Friday night, Saturday was a huge challenge for me. I ended up sleeping for only 2 hours before heading out to the convention area again at 5am. I think the SDCC gods were looking out for me. Here’s a long story short:

5:00am: I head out of my Hotel to trek over to the convention center area which is about a mile away. No shuttle services were available until 8am.

5:10am: I get stopped by a small shuttle. The driver asked if I was going to the convention center. I paused and thought to myself, how would he know? Was I going to get kidnapped and thrown in the middle of Mexico for slave labor today? I looked at the shirt I was wearing (DeceptiVader) and said, hmm…what the hell. Hopped in and noticed only one other passenger going to the same place. COOOOOOL (Thank you Hampton INN shuttle service)

5:20am: Dropped off at the Hyatt Hotel where the pre-reg was taking place. Followed this huuuuuge line in the dark outside behind the hotel. I swear it took me and my new convention friend whom I met in the bus about 15 minutes to get to the back of the line. Many don’t believe me, here’s some proof.

8:00am: Sorry for the bad iPhone quality vid, but if you can make out the line of people, it started from the small building behind the boats:

…to and then behind me all the way to the back of the island looping to the other side not caught on video…

9:00am: made it inside with my voucher in hand. I was lucky as only 2000 people were limited a day for pre-registration. I overheard that they let in 4000 people after Thursday a day to relief some of the crowd.

10:00am: registered and left the ball room building to the lobby and met this guy!

..already dazed and tired, I headed over to the convention center as I remember my friend invited us to check out the 501st photo gathering behind the hall outside. I made it in time for the group shots

Amongst the 501st are members/staff of Lucasfilm that joined in the photoshoot. You can see Steve Sansweet (Director of Fan Relations) and Dave Filoni (Director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars animation)

The group getting silly

Close ups:

The mini clone troopers:

The Sith Lords

Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Shadow troopers and guards

Clone Troopers

Tie Pilots, Imperial Officers, Scout Troopers, and Storm Troopers

Sand Troopers, Shadow Troopers, Scout Troopers

A few group shots:

Storm Troopers and Sand Troopers

Clone Troopers

Tie Pilots

Imperial and Death Star Officers

Father and Daughter. Clone trooper and Padme in armor

My friend Joey and company debuted their Spec Ops Shadow Clone and ARF troopers at SDCC. All I can say is BAD ASS!!!

On my way back inside the convention, I ran into this. Scout Troopers taking care of business with the Halo crowd.

Seeing all this made up for waking up at 5am on a Saturday morning. This concludes my coverage of SDCC 2011. See you all next year at SDCC 2012!!!


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