I managed to get a few pics of a fraction of the exhibition hall. The crowd down there prevented me from taking good pics. However I snapped whatever I could that I thought was pretty damn cool. I do apologize as some pics were a little blurry. Well here you can see why. I didn’t have much room to take a good pic or was getting bumped into while taking pics. Enjoy!

Next batch of pics are of:

Cosplay (costume play)

I respect cosplay more than ever now that I am actually starting to get into the hobby/passion. I tend to start breaking down on how these awesome costumes are made and ask more questions on how and where materials were acquired. These costumes were definitely not pre-made store bought. A lot of time, creativity, money and sweat were put into them and they look awesome.

Scorpion of Mortal Kombat

Cobra Commander!!!

A BORG from Star Trek. This guy was awesome. Was always in character and was walking like a BORG the whole time too!

I believe this was a licensed DOT approved riding suit that is based off of TRON. Not entirely sure.

with Quorra

This guy really did look like Hugh Jackman


Not sure what she was. She posed when we walked by, so snapped.

Kick Ass!

Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Black Widow

This was taken during the Marvel costume contest. Too many people in the way so I had to take a pic off the big screen

Power Rangers!

This Batman actually had the extending cape. Pretty nuts, I wanted to find out how it collapsed and how it stayed up. I guess Bruce Wayne doesn’t give out Bat secrets

This next group of pics will be of my favorites! STAR WARS!!!

My friend Alex trooped for the first time at his first SDCC experience. We had a goal of trooping together at SDCC, but due to unfortunate delays on my armor, I was not able to troop this year. He found a friend in the Death Star gunnery and some dude that was looking for the Holy Grail

An EU Shadow Scout, Princess Leia, and EU Shadow Trooper

One reason I am looking forward to trooping. Just seeing the smiles on the kids faces when they see you in character 😀

When I saw these cosplayers, I was in super awe. The Twi’lek make up and costuming was just bad ass. You can follow the Purple Twi’lek on Twitter at @SigmaRue. She’s also a member of the Rebel Legion (sister organization to the 501st).

My friend Alex posing inside a lifesize blister pack of his Boss DARTH VADER

A lot of people wanted to be captured by the Imperial forces

Han Solo and Princess Leia

This was the best Chewbacca cosplay I’ve seen. He was the right height as well. The coolest thing was everytime he tilted his head, a recorded growl of Chewbacca can be heard. It was awesome!

Version 3? I think. Clone Trooper

Animated Clone Troopers

A very weathered Scout Trooper

Possibly my next build after I finish my Scout. The Snow Trooper

Alex and my awesome friend Linda with a few Rebel Pilots

Speaking of Linda (aka VampyBitMe) She debuted 3 awesome cosplays that week. A few of these have taken months, others 2 weeks straight of hard work refining the art and craft of her awesome pieces and it shows. I was bummed that I wasn’t able to capture better pics of her work at the con. You can follow her Facebook page at VampyBitMe FaceBook or follow her on Twitter at @VampyBitMe for up to date news on her current cosplays!

Linda debuting her Black Widow with Imari

Debuting Elektra with Evil Super Girl

and debuting her homage to Jim Lee’s Psylocke with artist Nakanari at the Kuso Vinyl booth.

I am still sorting through pics and this is only about 2/3 of the way in. Next update: 501ST LEGION!!!


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