This year I didn’t get a chance to do Preview Night as registration sold out for Preview Night before I had a chance to purchase the passes. My day started on Thursday morning bright and early. I already knew it was going to be chaotic picking up the passes in the morning. It actually went smoother than I thought it would be.

There was absolutely no room for anything. It was crowded like this all 4 days.

Toys and Collectibles
There was a lot of toys and collectibles showcasing in the exhibition hall. I wish I had the endless supply of money and space for all these. I couldn’t help but nerd out.

GI Joe had no plans to re-release the air craft carrier, but they had to tease us with it along with the new figures they were releasing. A huge setting of an epic battle between GI Joe and Cobra was on the carrier

A few SDCC exclusives by Hasbro Toys:

Starscream Sky Striker with Cobra Commander

Movie version of Unicron. So bad ass

Hot Rod / Rodimus Prime

Marvel released a full line of super poseable Marvel figures similar to the old style GI JOE joints where you can really make them pose in action.

SDCC exclusive Sentinel. This thing was almost 2 feet tall and to scale with the Marvel figures

What can you do with all these figures? An epic battle of course!!!

SDCC exclusive Mighty Mugg

Some awesome figures


A few from the Metal Gear series

A few Street Fighter characters:


Ryu and Cammy

One of my all time favorites, Kratos from the God of War series

…stay tuned for Part 2, SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES!!!


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