July started off with a great holiday weekend. Anime Expo 2011 was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 1-4. I traveled down to my first AX with my awesome friends. We headed down early Friday morning by car and started the convention without a full night sleep. Hardcore we are, yes. The crowds were crazy just to get pre-paid pre-registered passes.

The line just to get our pre-registered passes made a few loops around the building and a few zig zags within the line in the hot sun. It took us nearly an hour and half just to get inside.

The convention was pretty bad ass. Being my first time at it, I can say it’s pretty much like a WonderCon (San Francisco) but for Anime. There were a lot of big studios and vendors that showed up with booths and displays. I really didn’t plan on covering the event in order and all my pictures were pretty random. I did my best to separate the coverage into a few categories. None of these are in chronological order.

No convention will be complete without cosplay. There was so many awesome ones, I didn’t get to catch them all. Here are a few that I randomly snapped:

additional pictures by Angelo A. and Paul N.

Linda and I on Friday along with Rochelle, Angelo and Andy, looking like zombies fighting the crowd to get outside for some fooooood

Chibi Chun Li!

Linda with some Ganguro Girls

Not really cosplay, but I got to become my favorite Hi Chew flavor 😀

My buddy Rochelle in her awesome Chun Li cosplay, looking lost in LA

Full of Moe’ and nosebleed (for me at least). Denise as my favorite anime character Haruhi Suzimiya and my awesome friend and favorite girl Linda as one of Junko Mizuno’s Nurses.

It was very hard for me to see these toys as I wanted them ALL!!! Not much in terms of new releases, but seeing these on display was just pure awesome!

Perfect Grade Gundams! I will need to pick these up one day…

Huge Gundam!

Haruhi and friends!!!

These things freak me out. They are called Dolfies. Too weird for me. These were dressed as Mirai Chan of Danny Choo’s

Lucky Star Figmas

Cosplaying Highschool of the Dead
On Saturday, I cosplayed with a few friends as characters from Highschool of the Dead. Coincidentally the Japanese staff of Highschool of the Dead had a panel later that evening. (additional pics by CrunchyRoll, Angelo A. and Paul N.)

Takashi, Rei, Hisashi (manga/anime)

Hisashi (Angelo), Rei (Rochelle), Takashi (myself)

with Linda as Reika from Gantz at CrunchyRoll

reacting the scene from HOTD (Rochelle’s captured the moment perfectly in her pose as Rei)

later in the day, in line for the HOTD panel

HOTD panel!!!

She sang the HOTD theme in the opening credits

After the panel, we were heading out to go eat. I ran into the only other Takashi cosplayer. He wanted a picture together as we were a rare breed. haha

Overall, AX was freaking awesome. I will definitely be making another visit next year. We finished off Sunday night at the AX Dance at the Nokia Center. Raging. Yes, with all the other raging nerds and geeks on the dance floor. Awesome music from DJ’s all the way from Japan, Hawaii, and LA spinning with Hatsune Miku’s go-go dancing on stage.

See you next year AX!!!

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Stay tuned for coverage of the next big event, SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2011



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