Of all the troops in the Star Wars universe in the original trilogy, the Scout Trooper was only seen in Episode 6 (Return of the Jedi). The helmet design and armor design was an instant favorite of mine as it was more versatile and the helmet looked very sinister. There are a very few re-casts of the original screen and many fan made helmets. Here is a image of the original screen helmet captured from the movie:

After research on the 501st forums, there are a few to choose from for my costume build. The licensed mass produced Rubies helmet was totally out of the question as it was not screen accurate, cheap quality, and needed a lot of modifications to be 501st approved.

There are 3 fan made helmets available for custom build that are very popular with the community. KS, SC, and MC. (to protect the fan made builders, I will be using acronyms of their names)

The SC helmet was the cheapest of the custom built helmets. However, research shows that the helmet was based off the Don Post mass produced helmet and slightly modified the mold. Good for basic 501st acceptance, but will need mods to be Lancer accepted. This helmet is made of ABS plastic.

The MC or also known as MLC helmet is the most accurate with the correct snout piece and helmet bolts. This kit helmet is made of fiberglass. However, this helmet is on the more expensive side. Most people also want an ABS helmet for durability during trooping. This kit is probably the best one to go with if your budget allows.

The KS helmet pricing is between the MC and SC. This kit is made of ABS plastic and is probably the best kit for the dollar. The kit is 501st Lancer accepted with very few minor modifications. I went with this helmet for my build.

Almost complete screen accurate

The underside of the bucket. I will be modifying the inside to make it fit better as well as maybe adding fans and a mic set for the “burst” effect.

For Lancer acceptance, the snout will need to be replaced with a screen accurate snout. MC makes a snout kit for this that can be modified to fit the KS lid. The snout piece is an sink aerator with an engine kit from an old motorcycle model.

The helmet bolt will also need to be replaced with a flush bolt

Modifications will be done after the complete armor is finished. Please follow me on FACEBOOK for updates. Build is almost done!!!



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