The crowd at certain times was very overwhelming. I was bummed that I couldn’t get good pics of a few cars due to the location and crowd. Here’s what I was able to capture

Jay’s EG

DSR (DARKSIDE) Loreto’s EK rebuild. First time I got to see it in person since the makeover. Awesome build and already published on a cover of a magazine. Congrats Loreto! Well deserved!

Saw this S14 in Long Beach last week, beautiful. Loving the SSR Type F’s

aggressive looking MX5 Miata

My favorite gen of the Z’s. The 300ZX TT, this one was clean!

Clean DC5 RSX build on Regamaster EVO’s

Mugen’d out DC5. Love it

Loving the stance of this Suby

Plain but clean CL9

Don’t see much of these EF’s anymore. Not sure whats going on with the plate either.

Not a fan of the J swap. But had to snap this anyway.

Homies from TRONICS

Clean BYS K swapped EG

N1 Concepts brought some heat with 3 RHDs. A true DC5, DC2, and EK9 along with their current V6 S2000 project

Wasn’t able to get a good pic of Chris’s car due to the crowd.


Even a Lotus Elise showed up

VIP’d out GS

A good shot of N1’s V6 S2000

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Overall, the event was great. The weather cooperated and the presence of cops was not there compared to last years event. Thanks to BLOX Racing for hosting another successful meet/open house event. I can totally see this being an event to look forward to every year. Seeya next time!


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