It’s been a year since the first Blox Open House. This time Blox made it bigger and better. It all started at 7am for me and my crew at Vex Motorsports as we had a vendor booth to set up. The weather was cold, yet cooperative. A few drops of rain teased us, but after that it was all clear sailing.

Everyone at 7am setting up their booths

Bikes getting their setup done

Staging was on the way with all the car competitors

Trucks, trucks, trucks of food lined up at the food area for the huge crowd that was waiting to get in

All lined up and ready to go

Cars prepped, cleaned, staged and ready to go!

Our buddy Mike getting his car prepped as he sets up his EG in front representing our booth

NOS brought out their huge stage and booth near the entrance. They definitely made a huge presence this year.

At 11am, the doors opened and the crowd spilled in!

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