I made a quick round around the show to check out the cars and also catch up with friends and vendors I haven’t seen for some time. It was great seeing everyone again in one place just like old times.

I had to take a picture of this as it got a pretty good chuckle out of me

The quality of cars was definitely good. This was a shot in the area near the vendor booths. The show expanded over the grassy area and shoreline overlooking the Long Beach harbor and Queen Mary.

A Mastermind build




Mercedes SL65? AMG

Future car of mine, the Aston Martin

Old school Toyota Celica powered by a F Series Honda S2000 motor!!! Awesome!!!

Plus One Danny’s awesome EK Civic Coupe. I’ve seen this car change over the years. Definitely a bad ass build.

Dina’s AP1 S2000 build. Totally speechless. Complete J’s Racing Type S CFRP kit, air ride suspension sitting on some aggressive SSR Type F wheels

Next to her was Angel’s AP1 S2000 build. I’m lost for words

Salem’s CL9 TSX with everything J’s Racing!

Ahn’s DC2 changing up a bit sitting on some clean Regamaster EVO’s in all mighty grey

Ryan’s cleaaaaaaan EK. His build has to be seen in person to appreciate the attention to detail Ryan has put into his car.

Another car that has to be seen in person to appreciate. Chris’s car sits on all white Regamaster EVO’s hugged by a rare full Rando kit

I’ve noticed this EG8 sedan as I am an EG8 owner as well. I liked the mirrors, Mugen front/sides, EG9 interior and wing. I couldn’t help noticing that it was sitting on some Tenzo wheels. Not that there was anything wrong with it, but it’s gotten that far already, why Tenzo?

Ryan of Rywire’s clean EF8 build

Jeremy’s RHD DB8 Type R and Jimmy’s clean K swapped EG. Another 2 cars that need to be appreciated of the attention of detail in person.


Lyka BOSS!!!

The Scion crowd always brings a unique flavor of their own to the shows

By this time, I did notice that I was already sun burned. It was hard to notice due to the coastal breeze and the laid back atmosphere of this show. I had to make to back to my company’s booth to find some shade and cool off. My skin was already glowing red. I missed out on a lot of other builds that I wanted to catch more details and attention to.

Overall, the show was pretty well put together. It wasn’t as crowded as the original Norcal venue, but had a great outdoor laid back setting to it. Reminded me of the early days of Hot Import Nights sans the non automotive related entertainment.

I did manage to snap one shot of our shop’s mascot. 😀

The weekend ended with a few business meetings and some good times with the coworkers and vendors. It was great seeing everyone in the industry again at a new location. Please follow my updates on Facebook here: ASIANDOOOD Seeya next weekend at the BLOX Open House event!



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