Wekfest in collaboration with Fatlace was holding their first event in Southern California at the Long Beach harbor next to the Queen Mary last weekend. My current company Vex Motorsports had a vendor booth reserved for the weekend. We started out bright and early on Saturday morning leaving the SF Bay Area in gloomy and rainy conditions

As we got towards Interstate 5, it got clearer and warmer.

From there it was pretty boring straight forward drive on the Interstate 5 to Los Angeles….until this happened!

We smacked into a swarm of honey bees on the way down from the Grapevine. It was pretty nuts as it sounded like a downpour of rain hit our windshield. It must of been at least 50+ bees that smacked our windshield and died instantly.

I felt very bad for these bees. Some of them were caught on the windshield wipers.

We made a first pit stop in Burbank to check out Porto’s Bakery. This place was nuts. The building was huge and packed with customers. The bakery had delicious sandwiches and some awesome cookies, pastries and confection.

I’ve never seen a bakery this big and busy before…I couldn’t catch it all on a picture

On our drive to the bakery, I noticed that we passed this building! Bang Zoom Entertainment!!!

It was weird because a good friend of mine was just at this location not too long ago doing some voice overs at this very studio!

After leaving Burbank, we passed by the Warner Brothers studio on the way back to Interstate 5.

After arriving at Long Beach, our first dinner stop was at one of my favorite places. Roscoes Chicken and Waffles. They do this combo the best!!!

Ended the night with some games and drinks with the coworkers, and slept early for the next day’s work.

It was a weird feeling seeing a show that I co-created a few years ago blossom into what it is today. It was definitely like watching one of your babies grow up.

Show cars started rolling in about 7am, stay tuned for show coverage! Follow me on Facebook at Asiandoood for blog updates!


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