Weaponry for troopers is very important. Scout Troopers are specially trained for scouting, reconnaissance, combat survival, and most times, sniping. On screen, they were seen scouting and riding speeder bikes. Carrying a large blaster would hinder their movement and agility. The Scout Trooper blaster is designed small enough for agility and big enough to fit into their boot holdster for easy access while riding the speeder bikes.

For the basic 501st costuming requirements, the old 1983 Kenner Scout blaster is accepted. However this toy is not screen accurate as the screen blasters never had triggers and the design of this to is about 10% bigger than the real prop.

Here is a screen capture of the Scout Trooper with blaster in hand.

I want to build my trooper as close to Lancer status if not Lancer as possible. I chose to go with the Kropserkal replica prop. This prop is made of a cast of rigid rubber. Durable enough to be dropped without getting damaged while rigid enough to look like a bad ass blaster

Blaster in hand

Scout Trooper build is about 70% done. Please follow me on ASIANDOOOD Facebook for updates on this build!


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