FANIME 2011: DAY 3 & 4

It was Sunday morning and the energy and excitement was still strong. I once again started my day early at 10am at the Crunchyroll booth as Linda had scheduled a special guest cosplayer Yaya Han. Her cosplay work is amazing as she’s been doing this for almost a decade professionally. She debuted her Green fairy cosplay with Linda in her untouchable Gantz cosplay.

Sunday had a good turnout for interviews, as one session actually went almost 2 hours long without us knowing it. In between interviews, CrunchyRoll’s very own Keith and Linda were gettin down. I think Linda was doing the Gantz version of the Running Man. haha!

Maids from the Fanamaid Cafe showed up to give a little insight of what Moe and Otaku is all about!

Maridah, an awesome cosplayer came in maid cosplay as well! If I remember correctly, her cosplay only cost a total of $6 dollars!

Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill franchise made an appearance. Linda is so hardcore, the blade only tickled her.

Patrick Macias from Otaku USA co hosted with Linda and offered some knockoff Pocky Chocolate sticks. Linda was quite hardcore and hungry to nom on some!

My buddy Joey also came back again with some 501st reinforcements! This time in a badass ARF Trooper! and then later in the day in Clone Trooper!

During short breaks between the live streams, Linda and I walked around the Dealer Hall and acted a little silly and had fun with other cosplayers….

Sunday ended up to be a very long and tiring day, but well accomplished. We finished off the evening with dinner with great friends and called it early to get ready for the last day of Fanime 2011…

Monday was going to be my debut of my first official Cosplay. Linda introduced me to a new series called Highschool of the Dead. A story about a zombie apocalypse, high school students and lots of blood and brains! I chose to do Takashi Komuro. My cosplay was done except for the wig and styling. I really had no clue where to start. Special thanks to Linda for helping me cut and style the wig literally right before our live stream interview. We did everything in the middle of the convention hall using what we got like a BOWSE!!!

I did forget my camera, special thanks to Angelo and Joshua for taking some awesome pics of us…

Linda was kind enough to cosplay as her badass Saeko Busujima with me from Highschool of the Dead.

We met up with Hirano and Yuriko of HOTD.

BADASS! Can’t wait to get the rest of the HOTD cosplayers to meet up with us next time!

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Overall, Fanime 2011 was a lot of fun. I had a blast and can’t wait for next year. Hopefully by then I’ll have a few more cosplays to debut. Many thanks again to CrunchyRoll, Lisa Oh, Keith, Angelo, Rochelle, Kaleb, Dan, and most of all Linda for making Memorial Day weekend very memorable!


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