FANIME 2011: DAY 1 and 2

Too excited and tired after work on Friday, I headed over to the San Jose Convention Center for Fanime Day 1 after 6pm to pick up my badge for the weekend. Forgot my camera in the car and didn’t get to take any pictures. Lets just say, it was a beginning of an awesome weekend!

Saturday: Day 2.

Fanime Day 2 started bright and early for me. Around 10 am I arrived to the San Jose Convention Center and almost did not find any parking at all. I’ve heard from friends of mine that it took 2 hours to find parking and another 2 hours to get a hold of a badge for the day. I’m glad I got there at 10am.

Already there was a line of cosplayers ready to kick some ass

The dealer halls were just preparing for the huge crowd that was going to show up later in the day…

Once again Blue Fin brought out their awesome booth

Next to Blue Fin was the booth. I was grateful and thankful that the staff of CrunchyRoll allowed me to hang out at their booth literally for the whole weekend during their live stream programs. CrunchyRoll has over 6 million users worldwide.

Hosting the weekend’s live stream festivities was Keith of CrunchyRoll and my dear and awesome friend Linda Le (aka Vampy). Gotta thank Keith for the hospitality at the CrunchyRoll booth. The staff was amazing and friendly.

During the day, Keith and Linda were killing it at the CrunchyRoll booth with awesome and entertaining interviews with Cosplayers and fans.

My friends Rochelle and Angelo as Tifa and Cloud of Final Fantasy!

Awesome cosplayers Jan and Imari doing their thing live!

Linda doing the Phoenix’s version of “Jazz Hands” 😀

My buddy Joey showed up with some reinforcements from the 501st Legion!

Linda threatening me with her mini Plasma Cutter!!!

A huge Marvel gathering!

Outside the convention hall, the downtown streets were filled with Cosplayers. It was a sight to see. Domo was trucking it across the street right at me. I didn’t know if I should of held my hands out for a hug or move out of the way since he was going full speed right at me!!!

Just outside the hall, it was already packed full of cosplayers. I was incredible

This was not Otaku if we didn’t have maids….lots of them!

I got caught in a crossfire!

Linda ran into a few awesome cosplayers! As you may know she also did a version of BRS (Black Rock Shooter)

2 hotties from the Marvel Universe!

Day 2 ended with a great dinner with new friends and some very well known and respected cosplayers: Yaya, Linda and Meagan.

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Stay tuned for Fanime Day 3 coverage!!!


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