Yes, San Diego Comic Con 2011 is our goal to get trooping! I’ve already been to SDCC many years and always look forward to going back every year. However, my good friend and I are finally taking it to the next level and will be going in costume. This year will be his first, and he wants to start the addiction right! As you may already know, I am already in the process of building a TB (Scout Trooper) armor from Return of Jedi. My friend Alex is in the process of building a TC (Clone Trooper) -more specifically the “animated Clone Trooper” style found in the Clone Wars series. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for up to date coverage of our builds! Here are a few shots of his progress!

These kits are all fan made. This meaning, these kits are custom designed and made by nerds and freaks like us. Not endorsed, nor licensed by George Lucas or Lucasfilm. However, Lucasfilm will contact the 501st Legion for trooping events. It’s weird like that. Armor is usually molded, vacuum formed and pulled and will arrive like this:

Armor and buckets (helmets) will require cutting, assembly and painting. This is not something you can buy at a retail store and use right away like an over the counter drug. Careful measurements and tools will be needed, which adds to the fun and rewards when it is all done:

Clamps, tape, and cutters are our best friend:

The Clone Trooper armor is more involved than the Scout Trooper Armor I am building as the Clone Trooper has seamless armor pieces and cover 95% of the body. Alex will need to cut, bondo, assemble and sand the pieces together before adding weathering and paint to the armor

E-6000. Same stuff I used on my build as well. This should be the official glue for making your armor to join the Imperial Empire.

Some progress made…still probably about 1/8 done

Alex still needs to finish body armor, finish helmet, build shoes, soft under armor and find/build armory. Stay tuned!!!


3 thoughts on “SDCC ( SAN DIEGO COMIC CON) or BUST!!!

    1. Yes, check out That site is part of the detachment of the 501st Legion which is an organization for movie quality Star Wars costumes. There are a few custom armor makers there that you can research and contact on which fits you best!

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